Sunday, July 29, 2012

Special Student Posters

Thinking about going back to school is driving me CRAZY!!! There is so much to do and not enough time!!! I usually do a "Special Student" each day, but this year I am going to change it to "Special Student of the Week." I created some posters that I am going to have each student fill out at home with their family. Once they are finished filling out and decorating their poster they will bring it back to school to share with the class. I am thinking about keeping each student's poster and putting them together to make a class book. However, I kind of want them to be able to keep their poster. Either way I will probably laminate them so that they will hold up better. You can purchase these posters at my Tpt Store.
Special Student Posters


Fun Games 4 Learning said...

Lovely idea. Could they be part of a class book for the school year and then the book could be dismantled at the end of the year so students could take them home? I am sure that the kiddos will love looking at the book over and over throughout the year! :)

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