Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another School Year Already???

I can't believe that I am starting another school year already! It feels like last school year just ended. Summer break keeps getting shorter and shorter! Last year was a tough school year for me. I had a very demanding class and they wore me out mentally and physically, but I SURVIVED!!! Even though it was a tough year, I fell in love with the kiddos and I think that they helped me to grow professionally as a teacher. I had to come up with some tools and tricks that I have never used before, so I am thankful to them for pushing me to try new things. The start of this school has been much smoother and I am so thankful for that. I really think it is going to be a fun school year! My kiddos are not perfect by any means but they are eager to learn and catch onto things pretty quickly. I hope that I find more time to blog this school year. I really enjoy it and it actually is kind of a stress reliever to me. I like to talk about school and sometimes no one wants to listen...lol...so I can just type away and get it all out! My goal this year is to create more activities for school and like I said "blog" more and interact more with my fellow bloggers. I am just in awe of some of you and how you find the time to do all the cool things you do (I need your secret)!!! My daughter is 2 now and she takes up a lot of my time (I wouldn't have it any other way) time with her is just too precious to miss out on. But seriously, those of you teacher bloggers who have young ones at home, please share any secrets or tips you have about how you create activities in a timely manner and also have time to post daily/weekly. I would love some advice!

The start of the kindergarten school year is kind of slow because we are just doing the basics which is learning rules and procedures. We have been working on reviewing identifying letters of the alphabet and learning letter sounds. We are also working on letter formation. Beginning of the year writing kind of makes me cringe a little, but it is amazing how these kiddos improve on their handwriting skills throughout the school year. I created a basic little alphabet sheet tonight to help my kinders with letter formation. I am going to laminate a copy for each student so they can use their dry erase markers on it. Dry Erase markers make everything more fun right!?! It is not anything fancy, but it serves a purpose and that is all that matters. Happy Tuesday!

Alphabet Freebie


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