Monday, June 4, 2012

Math Games

Here is a sample of a math game that I use in my classroom. I laminate several copies and let the students use dry erase markers on them. I also have have used non-laminated versions and let the students use Bingo Daubers on them. They love the Bingo Daubers!!! I know that several people have used this game or created their own version so I don't really know who to give the original credit to. I think maybe Shari Sloane?? Anyway I have created some of my own and here is a sample. I am working on creating addition 1-10 but I got burnt out on #6 so I have to get remotivated to finish. For now here is a sample of Add 1 Cover Up. I created them in color and in black and white. Click on the link to download the document. Enjoy! :-) Add 1 Cover Up


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